Litmus UNS

Litmus UNS guarantees data accessibility for everyone within the organization by ensuring robust data security and
governance. It is built to manage the demands of even the largest industrial environments. Make informed decisions with complete transparency.

To provide a safe experience, we will cycle the secrets for the repository every 15 days and will inform you via Email.

The Documentation can be accessed through this Link.

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The first ever UNS with an enterprise-grade MQTT broker at its core, easy-to-build multilevel data hierarchy and data enrichment features. It has built-in advanced security paving the path for data governance, supports multisite orchestration and more. Whether you use it standalone or to get even more out of Litmus Edge as part of your Industrial DataOps strategy.

Litmus UNS Features:
  • Pub/Sub Communication – Enable effortless data exchange with a built-in enterprise-grade MQTT broker.
  • Data Hierarchy – Forget rigid, vendor-specific data structures. Define and manage your data hierarchy exactly the way you need it.
  • Data Governance – Define precise data schemas, enforce validation rules, and ensure every data point adheres to your defined standards.