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Expand Your IT-OT Architecture With Customizable Solutions By Litmus & Partners

Litmus Solutions provide a wide range of additional functionality ranging from convenient like prepared templates to highly complex subjects like Downtime recording or Track and Trace.

  • Ever expanding catalogue of solutions made by Litmus and Litmus partners
  • Solutions are created to address customers feedback to us to provide more functionality and opportunity for customers
  • Process both IT and OT data and accomplish all you need with Litmus at the center

A New Operational Reality That’s Data-Driven

Out of the box, Litmus Edge connects to nearly 300 modern and legacy industry assets in minutes.

  • Do more with your data without disrupting business continuity. 
  • Create a new single source of truth for all manufacturing sites and assets – centralized, normalized and contextualized in real-time. 
  • Gain actionable insights and improved decision-making than was ever possible before. 
  • Shift OT, IT, IOT and company leadership to a common language. 

Share complete OT data with enterprise systems

Instant and secure OT-IT integration enables rapid data sharing with applications, data lakes and machine learning systems.

  • Dozens of pre-built integrations to leading tools
  • Stream complete or select OT data in any format
  • Support machine learning and other IT initiatives

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Our platform and people are here to help make IIoT gains a daily reality so manufacturers can stay focused on improving resilience, profitability, and worker connectivity. 

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Collaboration with our partners

Take advantage of the following solutions that are pre-built and pre-integrated with Litmus so you can rapidly collect valuable data, perform analytics, and integrate data with cloud and enterprise applications to improve industrial operations at scale. More than 75 companies have already partnered with Litmus to help us bridge the gap from OT to IT.


Passion for results

We pride ourselves on building the most talented and experienced team in the industry who knows how to win. We work hard and the results speak for themselves. We’re trusted by industry leaders like Google, Dell, Intel, Mitsubishi, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and others as we partner to help Fortune 500 companies digitally transform.


Constantly improving

Digital transformation in manufacturing is certainly a journey – and can be a moving target. We’re continuously improving our platform with customer-sourced features and common use cases to aid best practices in data aggregation, normalization and analysis across a spectrum of digital transformation maturity for manufacturers.

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With offices in Silicon Valley, Toronto, Germany and Tokyo, we work with Fortune 500 companies and manufacturers around the world.